HelloApps.com provides a number of easy-to-follow free materials for creative STEM education
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Just drag and drop blocks

Just drag and drop blocks that represent functions, and connect them up. MSRDS and SPL enable anyone to create robotics, science, and creative application easily and fast. You don't need to prepare any expertise in order to start your creative curriculum.
Unlimited creative scenarios and robot environment are available

HelloApps.com targets for enhancing creativity and related skills by using easy simulation environment.

HelloApps.com is the project site for the SPL (Simple Programming Language) open source project which aims at helping novices or beginners to start robot programming with easy and fun by simplifying complicated coding pattern into the simple script.

A primary design goal of SPL is to couple easiness of script with simplicity and fun. This makes SPL particularly suited for creating robot applications as compositions of robot commands and logic expressions.

Unleash your creative potential with easy-to-use tools and fantastic 3D environment
Simulation enables people with a personal computer to develop very interesting robots, cars, spaceship, and an enormous range of scientific effects with the main limiting factors becoming time and imagination. A novice user with little to no coding experience can use simulation developing interesting applications in a game-like environment.


Open H/W (Arduino) programming with SPLDuino
SPLDuino, an entry-level board we utilize, is based on Arduino boards and developed for beginners to use more easily.

SPLDuino has expanded analog sensor pins and digital sensor pins to make it easier to connect to the Arduino boards. In addition, SPLDuino can directly connect to robot motors and it basically offers Bluetooth access function to communicate with smartphones.