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FEZ Mini Starter Kit

Want to learn how to program processors using .NET Micro Framework? This is the kit for you! It includes 6 sensors but many more plug-n-play sensors can be purchased separately. Includes USB cable.


FEZ Mini Robot Kit

This robot kit comes with everything you need to make an autonomous robot. With the included reflection sensors, you can program it to move on a table without falling, follow a certain path and more. You can expand this robot by adding one of the many available plug-n-play sensors. Includes USB cable.


NXT Wii Controller

Possibilities with GHI NETMF devices are near endless. One of the many, and yet simple things you can do is control your LEGO NXT Mindstorm straight from FEZ. This project demonstrates the using of a Wii Controller to control the NXT Mindstorm right from FEZ!


Netduino is an open source electronics platform using the .NET Micro Framework.

Featuring a 32-bit microcontroller and a rich development environment.
Suitable for engineers and hobbyists alike.

Step1: Quick Start for the Embedded Robot Programming

 Install .NET Micro Framework SDK and SPL MF Tools
  1. Go to Download Page
  2. Install .NET Micro Framework SDK
  3. Download and unzip SPL MF Pack (SPL Engine, Emulators, and Samples)

 Start SPL MF Console Emulator
  1. Start SPL MF Console Emulator

 First embedded programming with SPL
  1. Hello World programming
  2. Simple SPL programming using variables
  3. Implement simple procedure
  4. Simple "For" loop
  5. Simple "While" loop
  6. Make procedure or loop stop
  7. Reset SPL engine
  8. Dynamic procedure replacing

 Basic embedded programming using GPIO
  1. GPIO Output port programming
  2. GPIO Input port programming
  3. GPIO Interrupt port programming
  4. GPIO TriState port programming

 SerialPort programming
  1. Send data through SerialPort
  2. Read data from SerialPort
  3. Send and read data through SPL SerialPort channel

 I2C device programming
  1. Write data to I2C device
  2. Read data from I2C device

 SPI programming
  1. Write data to SPI
  2. WriteRead data to SPI

 Simple UI programming using SPL
  1. Simple UI programming using SPL

 Robotics & automation programming with .NET MF and SPL
  1. Simulated Robotics Programming with .NET MF and SPL
  2. Simulated Robotics Programming with .NET MF and C#
  3. Automation & Control with .NET MF and SPL

Try more tutorials for .NET Micro Framework and SPL
  1. SPL basic for .NET MF application and emulator
  2. .NET Micro Framework Programming with SPL Script
  3. .NET Micro Framework Programming with C#

Avaialable Processors and H/W spec for .NET Micro Framework
  1. Smallest Footprint
    1. 64KB RAM, 256KB Flash
  2. Processor
    1. ARM7 (with or without MMU)
    2. ARM Cortex M3
    3. ARM9
    4. ADI BlackFin
  3. Real-time OS
    1. NET Micro Framework is not real-time, but can be hosted on a real-time OS as an option
  4. Application development
    1. Managed code using Visual Studio 2008 and C#
    2. Native C/C++ code interop capabilities
  5. Tools
    1. SPL for .NET MF
    2. Visual Studio 2008 + .NET MF SDK: application development
    3. Visual Studio 2008 + .NET MF Porting Kit + native platform compiler: interop and custom BSPs

Avaialable H/Ws for .NET Micro Framework
  1. Refer to "Embedded H/W"

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  1. “Embedded Programming with the Microsoft® .NET Micro Framework” by Donald Thompson and Rob S. Miles
  2. “Expert .NET Micro Framework” by Jens Kühner

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